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also  provides the X-ray diffraction analysis  to  the National Research Center of Egypt and outside users. We are a full service facility, able to determine the 3D structure of molecules and solids, from single crystals.

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ational Research Center is considered as the largest     multidisciplinary

ray crystallography group is mainly a research   group   and

R&D centre in Egypt devoted to basic and applied research within the major fields of interest.

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Prof. Mohamed Shehata Farag (1921-1980); the man who gained his experience in this branch of science by one of the most prominent scientists in the field of Crystallography, Prof. Kathleen Lonsdale (1903-1971). The laboratory performance has evolved with the development of this science globally as it has been equipped with advanced equipments in the fields of X-ray single crystal and powder diffraction.

Professor M. Shehata Farag

he X-Ray Crystallography  Lab., the first laboratory specializes in powder and  single  crystal  X-Ray  diffraction  in Egypt, has  been  established in 1956 by  by

International Year of CRystallography
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Physics Division, National Research Center (NRC), Egypt.
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