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Mrs. Amal Hegab
Ms. Wafaa Emam
  • The X-Ray Crystallography laboratory has been developed with the efforts of many scientists, included but not limited to, Prof. Mohamed Shehata Farag (1921-1980), Prof. Sayed Hammad (1940-1999), Prof. Ibrahim Farag and Prof. Naima Abdel-Qader Ahmed (1937-2008). Also, many scientists have been graduated from the laboratory, included but not limited to, Prof. Ahmed Ahmed Ramadan (Moved to Helwan University), Prof. Husain Zaky (Moved to Tanta University), Prof. Seham Ahmed Abdel-Hady (Moved to Helwan University), Dr. Safya Mohamed Salem (Moved to Cairo University).
Dr. Ahmed Farghaly
Dr. El-Sayed Shalaby
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Farag
Prof. Dr. Aida El-Shaabiny
Prof. Dr. Aisha Moustafa
Dr. Esmat El-Kholy
  • Ph.D. from University of York, UK.
    Now, Staff R&D Engineer at R&D Seagate Technology.
Dr. Sameh Sayed Ali
Physics Division, National Research Center (NRC), Egypt.
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